1. What does nba2k20coins.com do?

nba2k20coins.com provides a variety of services for online gamers. Chiefly, we are one of the largest sellers of in game currency for online games such as NBA 2-K21 MT Coins. nba2k20coins.com.com has built its reputation based on competitive pricing, fast deliveries and reliable and consistent customer service.

2. How is delivery accomplished at our site?

After we get the payment information from customers, we will send an instruction email to you about how to get the gold from us. Therefore, after you done the payment , please check your E-mail inbox firstly , if you haven't received the email for a long time, please come to contact us on Live Chat.

3. What is the method of delivery?

We provide two delivery method mainly at nba2k20coins.com: Person Trade and Auction House. We prefer to use auction house for gold delivery. Jet lag is the vital reason. We spend some time on preparing gold for you if we receive your order information. It takes 30 mins to several hours on under normal circumstances. Thus using Auction House for delivery is much more convenience for you since you don't have to stay online in game during the delivery time. So, we highly recommend to use auction house, after you post the stuff in AH as we request, even if you are offline in game, we still can deliver the gold to you through AH. And we will take 5% auction house commission fee.

4. How long does delivery take?

Usually the estimated delivery time is between 30 mins to several hours, no longer than 24 hours. Welcome to our Live Chat online service if you would like to know the exact delivery time.

5. It is really important. Can you deliver right now?

If we are online, YES! However, it would be critical to get instant delivery if we are not online. We recommend you to contact the live chat before making your payment so as to ensure that we can deliver the item in a minute as you are in urgent need.

6. What are the most likely reasons my coins have not been sent?

If we are online, YES! However, it would be critical to get instant delivery if we are not online. We recommend you to contact the live chat before making your payment so as to ensure that we can deliver the item in a minute as you are in urgent need.

1). Please make sure payment has been made and that we have received your payment. You should receive a confirmation email as soon as you have processed the payment.

2). You have ordered on the wrong console/platform. Please ensure you select the correct console/platform when ordering your coins from us.

3). The Servers may be offline. If the EA Servers are offline, we will not be able to complete any of the orders. You do not need to contact us on this occasion, your order will be completed as soon as the Servers are back online. Please list your player for 24 hours to avoid delay.

4). You have not offer sufficient information or the information you provided is wrong. For example, you did not include your in-game character name or you gave the wrong name or wrong server. We can only take actions to delivering coins when the right information is given.

7. You have stopped talking to me in game during Person Trade. What is wrong?

Please do not worry if we have stopped offering response to you through online chat. It is because of our Internet connection that was disconnected for some specific reasons. When this happens, it is impossible for us to contact you or meet you until the connection was resumed. However, we have Technical Support Team to check the reasons and we are able to get Internet connection soon. Simply contact us again when we are back online.

8. Is this business safe or legal?

nba2k20coins.com has specialized in this area of online game service business over many years, and has served thousands of customers. So we are convinced that our company is absolutely a legal one. The full stock of online game items we offer for all customers have been purchased legitimately from game players all over the world.

9. What payment methods do you provide?

Paypal is our primary payment methods at our website. Also you are not required a Paypal to buy coins from us. We are merchant approved, this means you are able to pay using your credit/debit card details, and we do not have any access to any of your private information, as it is all secure and safe through our payment provider Paypal, so you can feel safe when buying from us.

10. How to check Order status here?

Welcome to buy game coins from nba2k20coins.com. Our store has the automatic system to deliver coins within 30 minutes. If you want to check your order status, you can just contact the live chat to check your order status. We support 24h online service each day for guests' convenience to get instant response of all kind of questions. If you have any other questions that we have not mention above, please send emails to us. This is our Email: Services@mmorog.com